Hello to everyone, in Atlantic Eco Experience we begin our exciting project that aims to harmonize the tourist exploitation of whale watching in southern Tenerife with education and disclosure of the key issues affecting our marine environment in general and in particular the Canary coast. We are a small company that wants to give a twist to the world of whale watching trying to embed new methods to discover the fauna producing minimal discomfort to the animals and giving our visitors an educational and unique experience. For this we have a specialist on board and an audio equipment to listen to the sounds beneath the ocean.

Another key resource in our identity is to contribute our little grain of sand in the disclosure of scientific discoveries of our shore generally related to environmental conservation. We will try our visitors to play the star role in the developments in knowledge of species and the sea’s factors that allow the marine environmental conservation.

Our posts will be essentially three types. Related to conservation of species and natural areas, related to scientific advances and stories of our experiences at sea with our visitors.

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