Italian taste in Atlantic Eco Experience

by | Apr 23, 2016

Once one specie is extincted, no law can make it come back: it is gone forever“.
Allen M. Solomon, environmentalist.

Italian taste in Atlantic Eco Experience. We were visited by two groups from Italy.

The first from Veneto with two beauties of 2 and 3 years old, Matilde and Vittoria, the daughters of my good friend Ricardo. The whole family with some friends came to try the experience of Atlantic Eco Experience.

Faced with such a demanding public as Matilde and Vittoria we try to delve into the wonders of the southern coast of Tenerife and offer an adventure between shearwaters, pilot whales and green turtles. The time allowed freshness during the trip and a little sun during the puertito snacks.

Grupo 21-Abril Atlantic Eco Experience
Grupo 22 Abril Atlantic Eco Experience

      Our other visitors were a group of friends from Bergamo. We enjoyed an incredible journey sea with pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins. We were able to obtain precious sounds with our hydrophone on board. Here we leave a small sample.

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