Fight at the Sea

9, Apr, 2016

       Today we had a great day. The conditions indicated that, but we never imagined we would witness a fight at the sea. This time we were visited by Natalie with her daughter Emma, a belgian family, half Italian through citizenship, which has lived in many countries across the world.

         They have already enjoyed the whale watching in Tenerife on other occasions, but this was their first time with us.

       We had the chance, unexpectedly, of being surrounded an assortment group of female pilot whales with their young and a few males that rested with the group. We were able to witness a brief fight between males, that was our very first time. The cause of the brawl will remain a mystery to us but we can dream to interpret it. This is a month in which many births occur, so meetings between PODs (family groups) can be more tense. The males of each family group are not in fact the parents of the young present, but they are related by blood, They can be their uncles!

So, at the time in which the groups appear more numerous, as in this case, could be the result a meeting of two family groups with reproductive interest. So it may be that we attend to the defense of an aunt or niece from a visitor.

We could listen, through our underwater sound system, different vocalizations of individuals while moving and reunifications after long dives for food.

         What an exceptional day we had with Emma and Natalie culminating with a snack in the cove of Puertito where we discovered the link between this family and Tenerife. Emma, thirteen years old, could take several dips. Still not sure what she wants to study when he is older, but her intelligence and maturity suggests that she will have a promising future.

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