Our Social Responsability

Atlantic Eco Experience, you can feel proud to participate in corporate social responsibility actions.

It is a company that actively participates in the collection of plastic, which is part of its business philosophy.

It is a company that is concerned with the conservation of the environment and marine fauna and tries to publicly fight against the overcrowding of coastal areas in order to deal with this problem.

We have our “Blue Boat” flag that allows us to make sighting excursions, but we go a step further, since the Atlantic Eco Experience provides a totally sustainable and responsible whale watching.

A company that actively collaborates with associations such as ACEST or the Animal Recovery Center, La Tahonilla. We also collaborate with Study Projects and education on awareness and sustainability in the Teno-Rasca marine area.

We are a company involved in the inclusion of people with reduced mobility to unique experiences such as diving or visiting the coast on a boat.

And our main objective is to involve the general public in the task of local conservation.