Eco Private Tour

Experience the nature with your eyes and ears. Best place in Europe where you could spot more than 20 different cetacean species

  • Whale Watching in Tenerife as Never Seen Before
  • On board of “Papacho 2” Explore the Diversity of Turtles, Sea Birds and Cetaceans Guided by a Professional Biologist.
  • Very Exclusive! Maximum 10 Visitors.
  • Unique Tour Equiped with a Sound System and an Hidrophone to Listen to the Ceatceans. First Whale Listening in Tenerife.
  • Get the Taste of the Animal Behaviour, Conservation and Full Comfort with us.

Eco Private Tour

  • 600€
  • Departure from Puerto Colón 
  • Listen to the Sounds of Whales
  • Information About Fauna
  • Soft drinks & Customized Catering
  • Swim & Snorkel
  • Whale Watching Canarias

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    Puerto Colón, Pantalán 4

    (+34) 638 770 306


    Most frequent questions and answers

    The departure will be done on time from Puerto Colón at the time scheduled. We will head to deeper waters where the visitor will receive a brief explanation on the fauna that we can find and what our way of observation will be, the characteristics of the animal behaviour that we find (sea birds, short-finned pilot whales, dolphins, whales…) as well as the coast’s characteristics and ocean currents. The visitor will have the chance to listen to the sounds of the cetaceans and understand more about its communication skills.

    For those who select the Eco Experience (3 hours tour), the visit will go on and we will head to the coast again to Puertito de Armeñime, where the visitors can take a swim in a very particular place due to sociocultural characteristics, intertidal zone fauna and the famous sea turtles that reside there. We will have a soft drink and some snacks and when the time comes, we will head back again to Puerto Colón where we will put an end to the journey.

    It is very important to choose the best option according to how much time you have and how long the journey takes. The different prices, timetables and duration of the trips offered are very broad. In all of our journeys a soft-drink or a glass of local wine with snacks will be offered to our visitors. It is highly recommended to go dressed according to the circumstances and check the weather forecast for the day.

    Taking off your shoes will be required before coming on-board. Your footwear will be nicely kept by our crew.

    For those who will take their photo equipment, we also have some good advice in order to get good pictures. You have to remember that pictures could be blurred if the boat has not stopped or goes in slow speed. Furthermore you have to consider the small delay between the shot and the actual moment when the picture is taken when using compact cameras.

    Our boat “El Papacho 2” is an exceptionally stable boat, but if you suffer from seasickness during this kind of trips, or doubt so, we strongly recommend you to take some pills in order to fight back the symptoms of seasickness.

    Long solar exposition should be considered, in that manner we suggest our visitors to have UVA filter cream with them or any other protection against solar radiation.

    Whale Watching Tenerife
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