Cetaceans in South Tenerife

List and description of the most common different species of cetaceans that we could spot during our tour. Scientific tour in south coast of Tenerife. The selection we provide is not something definitive. It is only a sample of the most common species in our tour. The descriptive texts as the pictures or any other audiovisuals materials can be eventually replaced due to new discoveries during our tours. Even our new experiences.

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)

Identification of Bottlenose dolphin: Large and robust body compared to other dolphins. Dark gray color. Short and wide faced. Shows high and curved dorsal fin like a sickle. It is common to watch them in Tenerife in small groups around the coastal fish farms. Males…

Pilot Whale

Identification of short finned Pilot whale: It is recognizable by its dorsal fin with very wide base. The dorsal fin is higher and wider at its base in males than in females. Their heads are bulbous and this can become more defined in older males. Short-finned pilot…