Atlantic Eco Experience Blog

Atlantic Eco Experience Blog

by | Nov 28, 2015

Special Guests and Turtle Rescue at Sea

             Special guests in Atlantic Eco Experience. Arrived no more and no less than from Finland, a team of production for Fox TV have accompanied us on a very interesting journey. In collaboration with our friends of Océano Sostenible...

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Fight at the Sea

       Today we had a great day. The conditions indicated that, but we never imagined we would witness a fight at the sea. This time we were visited by Natalie with her daughter Emma, a belgian family, half Italian through citizenship, which has lived in many...

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Other Whale Watching is Possible

Hello to everyone, in Atlantic Eco Experience we begin our exciting project that aims to harmonize the tourist exploitation of whale watching in southern Tenerife with education and disclosure of the key issues affecting our marine environment in general and in...

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Our Philosophy…

We are a multidisciplinary team of sea and sea life lovers. We have been training ourselves for several years and experiencing the marine environment to come to understand what attracts us and inspires us the most. This passion had to be set through this project...

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Eco Afternoon

Tour de 2 Horas (Maximo 10 Personas)
  • Salida Desde Puerto Colon
  • Visita Guiada por Biologo
  • Avistamiento y Escucha de Cetaceos
  • Bebidas binomiaEco_765

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