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Atlantic Eco Experience Blog

by | Nov 28, 2015

Nature Tourism in Tenerife. Sustainable Tourism

Not Sustainable Tourism, Bread for Today and Hunger for Tomorrow Whether it be for aesthetic reasons or because we are victims of trending topics of the moment, an increasing number of visitors demand touristic destinations that offer activities that are labeled ECO,...

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Sperm Whales Colissions In Canary Islands

      Ship-strikes are an unpleasant reality related to cetaceans. Cetaceans need come to the surface to breathe, and at that moment is when they are vulnerable to collisions with shipping traffic. As known, the most swallow diving species and those wich spends more...

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Rorqual whales in Canary Islands

Picture. Mirna Piñero. Bryde's whale, coast of Tenerife         Surely the great whales are a great tourist attraction wherever they are spotted. It not is less important its interest from the point of view of conservation. Rorqual whales in Canary Islands are no...

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Italian taste in Atlantic Eco Experience

"Once one specie is extincted, no law can make it come back: it is gone forever". Allen M. Solomon, environmentalist. Italian taste in Atlantic Eco Experience. We were visited by two groups from Italy. The first from Veneto with two beauties of 2 and 3 years old,...

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Atlantic Eco Experience on the radio

Great morning, all our complete crew of Atlantic Eco Experience in Radio Sur Adeje guided by our friend Nacho Palacios. First outbreak in the media of the Atlantic Eco Experience's crew in the show Viva la Vida directed by the master of ceremonies Nacho Palacios....

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Eco Afternoon

Tour de 2 Horas (Maximo 10 Personas)
  • Salida Desde Puerto Colon
  • Visita Guiada por Biologo
  • Avistamiento y Escucha de Cetaceos
  • Bebidas binomiaEco_765

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